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Professional translations of financial analyses

Professional translations of financial analysesFinancial analyses involve the assessment of financial statements of companies and business reports or in some cases even stock exchange prices and other information, by external parties with the aim of making a statement on the company’s financial situation. These analyses are prepared by investors who need to take decisions on the granting of loans, by capital investment companies for their investment decisions, by investment advisors and business journalists for their compliance with service functions, by customers and suppliers to assess the creditworthiness of companies and by competitors to verify the market position.

Types of financial analyses that we often translate for our customers include:

  • Stock analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Country analyses
  • Trading and analysis software
  • Financial statement analyses
  • Accounting analyses

Global markets are increasingly networked, so translations of financial analyses are more and more important for those companies that are active on a global scale.

Translators working on financial texts must have additional training, as the necessary expertise does not come from their qualifications in terms of languages alone. We work exclusively with translators who, in addition to their training as translators, have in-depth knowledge and long years of experience in the financial sector. High-quality translations of financial texts require not only knowledge of the language and culture, but also professional expertise.

Regardless of the subject of your text, whether it is from banking, insurance, accounting, or from the stock exchange, we have a suitable translator for each and every topic. Financial texts should not only provide a detailed overview of the contents, but the reader should feel that everything is correct and that skilled experts have been at work.

We assure confidential treatment

Our translation office is able to prepare linguistically excellent and localised translations of financial analyses, which take special account of the validity of the information. Furthermore, we would be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, at your request, before we start preparing our first offer for you. All our (internal and external) staff members are subject to strict non-disclosure obligations.

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